ARTECHOUSE Studio Original

Developed in Collaboration with NASA

Beyond the Light

Ignite your imagination beyond what is visible and step into the unseen depths of our universe. 

Beyond the Light, an original artistic expression of scientific discoveries, is the story of how human innovation has enabled us to see beyond our imaginations and into the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

ARTECHOUSE worked in collaboration with NASA scientists to interpret the frontier-pushing data NASA collects about our universe, then brought it to life in the highest resolution possible utilizing today’s latest creative technologies and experiential storytelling. The exhibition submerges you into the timeless story of light and aims to inspire your curiosity for what else is possible.

Going beyond a tour of familiar imagery, this immersive art experience was developed with the latest technologies, including AI-aided visual production, an original musical score created from galactic data, and stunning imagery and findings from the James Webb Space Telescope.  Beautiful, educational and interactive, pushes the boundaries of our imagination, celebrating the spirit of exploration and discovery of our universe and creation. It is perfect for the whole family.

The exhibition centers on a 25-minute gorgeous cinematic journey, chronicling how we have observed and experienced light throughout history. With the exquisite universe as its backdrop, you will experience the importance of light in our pursuit of knowledge and the evolution of technology, ranging from Newton’s prism design, to the digital age, to the most recent discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope, and finally to the possibilities of what is to come.

Experience six supporting installations that explore the moon, heliophysics, climate science, the biosphere and NASA Spinoffs. Discover the impact that a Carrington Event would have on our society, discover Mars Rovers’ dreams created through AI, and learn the connection between NASA’s aerospace engineering developments and tools we use in our everyday lives.

Beyond the Light is equal parts knowledge and imagination; grounded in scientific data, brought to life with original artistic expression and latest technology, it is designed to inspire infinite curiosity for what else is possible. 

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The Creation of Beyond the Light

An ARTECHOUSE Studio Original production, Beyond the Light was developed in collaboration with NASA,  transcending the boundaries of traditional scientific storytelling.  ARTECHOUSE Studio participated in ongoing working sessions with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centerthe James Webb Space Telescope Mission team at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), and Johns Hopkins University’s William H. Miller III Department of Physics & Astronomy. NASA’s team of leading experts, including astrophysicists, heliophysics, and NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, helped ARTECHOUSE Studio team find and build a narrative from the most impactful data NASA has collected. ARTECHOUSE Studio then developed the visual identity of Beyond the Light, crafting a distinct artistic expression with the most advanced tools of experiential storytelling.


ARTECHOUSE NYC is an intimate digital arts space and one of the most unique art locations in New York City. As a permanent part of the NYC art landscape, we are nestled in the heart of a 100-year-old restored boiler room beneath the iconic Chelsea Market.

Every ARTECHOUSE exhibition showcases original art designed by creatives who use technology as a medium. We utilize the largest seamless megapixel count projections of any cultural institution and are the first art space to integrate hyperreal, spatialized sound technology, offering visitors and artists alike the most technologically advanced art platform in the world. 

About the artist

ARTECHOUSE Studio Original

ARTECHOUSE Studio is an interdisciplinary team of designers, architects, producers, and storytellers working together to turn ideas and concepts into cutting-edge, technology-driven experiences.

Beyond the Light is the latest in a series of projects working with industry leaders such as the Society for Neuroscience, Pantone Color Institute, Nobel Prize Museum, and others for which ARTECHOUSE Studio has brought its expertise to realize complex and multifaceted presentations.