AI is rapidly becoming integral to the artistic process in today’s creative landscape. From automating content curation to delivering personalized user experiences, the tools that make up this technology are reshaping how we create, consume, and engage with art.

World of AI·magination is ARTECHOUSE Studio’s latest experiment, a visual exploration at the intersection of advanced technology and artistic vision of a new concept of Artificial Imagination. The exhibition is custom-built on the foundation of NVIDIA hardware and the pioneering generative AI tools from NVIDIA Research, combined with decades of expertise in creative direction, visual design, computer graphics, system engineering, and software development within the Studio. The result is a captivating 20-minute cinematic journey through a series of immersive environments, each uniquely crafted to challenge and expand our perception of generative AI as a transformative and positive creative tool for the future of digital artistry.

Experience, reflect, and partake in a significant moment in our cultural evolution where human imagination and technological innovations unlock new possibilities in the World of Artificial Imagination.

Now on view in New York City!

World of AI·magination is a testament to the harmonious collaboration between human ingenuity and cutting-edge Machine Learning technologies, including Stable Diffusion and GAN. It not only sparks wonder but also paves the way for the future advancements i n the ever-evolving landscape of computer graphics and generative AI.


Creating the World of AI·magination cinematic piece was a multidisciplinary feat. The project was initiated with a human-led concept design that matured into a visual narrative broken into six scenes. The development pipeline integrated NVIDIA hardware and state-of-the-art generative AI tools, requiring extensive research and development to navigate the limitations of machine learning models.

The Studio’s visual lead took a deep dive into stable diffusion to guide 3D model animation, while the software team optimized various GAN models to produce animated textures. This led to the generation of over a million unique data sets.

Once initially rendered in 5K resolution, the content then had to be scaled up to fit our immense 17.5K resolution Immersion Gallery. The studio innovatively developed custom procedures to create controlled, high-resolution visuals, blending traditional 3D animation techniques with generative AI.