Spirit of Autumn

Inspiring creativity, imagination, and play, this multi-sensory installation perfectly combined the festive essence of Autumn with the excitement of interactive technology — inviting visitors to interact and collaboratively transform the exhibit space into a digital fall playground.

Curated by ARTECHOUSE and powered by graphics and interactive technology from A-Blok and NOIRFLUX, this ever-changing, community-centric work gained unique character from the contributions of visitors who designed and colored in their own fall leaves. Each leaf appeared as part of the interactive Main Gallery installation, showing a collection of visitors’ designs. Each person was able to look at a familiar season from a different perspective, considering new ways to enjoy favorite fall activities like walking through leaves or enjoying an autumn breeze. The combination of the traditional and modern art created a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Spirit of Autumn premiered two new experiences at ARTECHOUSE — the 10-piece, in-house projection system, which makes it possible to surround visitors with high-quality installations on an ongoing basis and the Augmented Reality Bar, which allows visitors to extend their multi-sensory experience of the art through taste and through interaction with unique AR activations brought to life via the ARTECHOUSE extended reality app

About the artist


Powered by passion, the ARTECHOUSE Creative Team works at the forefront of art and technology to develop, produce and present genre-pushing, immersive experiences.

In collaboration with A-Blok and NOIRFLUX.

A-Blok, a French-German agency, focused on creating interactive experiences. The group has worked with brands such as Disney, Mercedez-Benz and Canon, while also creating for modern museums and art spaces.

NOIRFLUX, comprised of Lorne Covington and Bill Saiff, is a US-based group that focused on immersive, interactive side gallery installations. Covington and Saiff developed some of the world’s first interactive video systems and content. They continue to develop novel immersive participatory experiences using a variety of technologies.