Kingdom of Colors

Pushing the limits of engineering and creativity, this installation demonstrated the new possibilities afforded by advances in filmmaking and digital technology — inviting visitors to sink into the dreamy experience of breathtaking colors, movements and sounds.

Using a mix of paint, oil and liquid soap, French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard and artist Oilhack created islands and oceans of swirling bright colors that they immersed visitors in through our state-of-the-art 270-degree wall projections. The result was a fluid and otherworldly composition that created a surreal and psychedelic experience. 

Additional interactive installations by NOIRFLUX and Tim Thompson provided exciting ways to engage with color, movement and sound, engaging visitors even further into the immersive experience. Thompson’s space palettes prompted visitors to create visual music through touch and sensors. NOIRFLUX’s installations brought additional color to the side galleries, where visitors directed color beams to create their own performance with the digital installation.

To engage the sense of taste and scent – this colorful experience was further complemented by an extended selection of Augmented Reality (AR) drinks that can be activated via the ARTECHOUSE mobile app.

Retrospective – Main Gallery
This piece was a successful continuation of Blanchard’s creative experiments with colorful liquids, also seen in his work for the Apple’s commercial of iPhone X. Using a mix of paint, oil, and liquid soap, Blanchard and Oilhack create islands and oceans of bright colors, rocking us smoothly through circular moves of liquids in motion.

Gallery One
Brought by artist group NOIRFLUX, gallery one housed an interactive room that allowed you to influence color, fluidity, and direction.

Gallery Two
Also by NOIRFLUX, gallery two featured orbs of color that scattered and moved as you walked through the gallery. If visitors stood still, the orbs moved closer.

Space Palette
Created by Tim Thompson, our media lab featured two space palettes and one space palette pro. These palettes allowed visitors to create music with the use of their hands. By moving their hands throughout the palette, pitch, tone, and melody could be altered.

About the artist

Thomas Blanchard & Oilhack

Visual artist Oilhack and filmmaker Thomas Blanchard, both based in Lyon, France, collaborated on this joint project. Their combined efforts involve the careful visual setups of Oilhack and the skillful recording of Blanchard, both aiming to create luxurious, soothing visuals.

Oilhack is a self-taught artist that was inspired by nature from early childhood. His creations are an alchemy of colors, matters, textures, and are an alloy of energies that come to life with his hand. ​ 

Thomas Blanchard
Thomas Blanchard is a French video artist who likes to explore many different themes and mix various kinds of art. His work has been showcased in many festivals and exhibitions throughout the world. Recently, the explosively colorful content of his videos has been featured and noticed by world renowned brands of the technology and communications field. 

Tim Thomspon
​Tim Thomspon is a Silicon Valley software engineer, musician, and installation artist. Having showcased his palettes throughout the United States, including Burning Man, Thompson brought a new way to experience music at ARTECHOUSE.

NOIRFLUX is an artist group that creates participatory environments to inspire immersive exploration, education, advocacy and improvisational expression. 

Combined, these artists came together with the ARTECHOUSE Creative Team to create an immersive and participatory exhibition that introduced exciting new ways to engage with color, movement and sound.