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Live Performance of Transient by Quayola and SETA

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To celebrate our upcoming exhibition opening, for one night only Quayola and SETA will perform Transient.

This audiovisual concert features a Yamaha Disklavier DC7X ENSPIRE PRO, in partnership with Yamaha, also continues Quayola’s studio research on traditional artistic techniques in the context of human-machine relationship, which evolved into an intimate collaboration of classical music and painting.

Experience an event with more than three years in the making—exchanging ideas and experimenting with new ways to immerse audiences in performing arts.

This exhibition aims to blur the boundaries between image and sound, presenting a series of immersive audiovisual installations along with motorized pianos. Transient does not generate finite music and paintings, rather it presents the impermanence that lies behind its algorithmic potential. -Quayola


Admission – $50 – Includes One Exclusive Drink
Open to AGES 18+


6:00-7:00PM Exclusive Access to Transient: Impermanent Paintings installations. Visitors can find their Seats and Enjoy our Exclusive drink at our XR Bar
7:00PM-7:30PM Performance
7:30PM-7:45PM Post-Show Discussion

Late seating is not guaranteed admittance into ARTECHOUSE events. Additional standing room available at our XR Bar