Parallel Universe

This dramatic and intense experience was artistically stunning and intellectually stimulating. Visually and aurally mesmerizing, it was the first solo retrospective exhibit for the internationally acclaimed Turkish art studio Ouchhh. Composed of four installations, three world-traveled and one created in collaboration with ARTECHOUSE specifically for this show, it was a hypnotic and immersive experience that blurred the boundaries between visual, acoustic and tactile experiences — a multi-sensory approach to art appreciation.

The pulsing lights and sounds of Parallel Universe created a mesmerizing display that drew inspiration from science, mathematics, and astrology. Visitors were invited to enjoy the beautiful visuals while considering concepts such as the mathematical field of topology, light physics and the artistic uses of data. 

This exhibit also featured custom music that informed the visuals in the Main Gallery, an artistic representation of the New Mexican landscape over a mirror dome, a portal into an alternate dimension and a performance inspired by the mystery and myth of the constellation Orion.

iOTA _ Data Sculpture – Main Gallery
Using inclusion maps and light physics as inspiration, this 270-degree projection on a 130’x24’ canvas started with a soundtrack, which was broken down into its notes, which were converted to numerical data and then interpreted as visuals. Created in collaboration with Canadian Data AI Scientists Assoc. Prof. Philippe Pasquier Phil Pass, Kıvanç Tatar (Engineer Artist) and MASOM.

Ouchhh abstracted the dusty and mountainous topology of the American Southwest into a hypnotic and immersive experience. Also called a continuous transformation, homeomorphism is an equivalence relation and one-to-one correspondence between points in two geometric figures or topological spaces that are continuous in both directions. 

Custom Tunnel Installation – Gallery Two
If there were a portal linking us to a parallel universe or some other region of space, how would we spot it? Ouchhh designed and produced a digital artwork specifically for ARTECHOUSE that used data visualization between earth and space to represent this inter-cosmic gateway.

The constellation of Orion is one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the sky, as its location on the celestial equator allows it to be seen all over the planet. It was of central importance to many ancient cultures, and its alignment with the position of the stars matches up precisely to various ancient structures. The three pyramids at Giza are some of the most mysterious, perplexing, and magnificent ancient structures in the world.

About the artist


OUCHHH is a new media creative agency based in Istanbul with various other divisions across the world. Combining varied backgrounds including animation, motion graphics, sound design and public art, Ouchhh works in the fields of 3D motion mapping, graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, interactivity, live-action and more. | @ouchhh