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Vince Fraser and Ursula Rucker Honor Black History Month with “Ase: Afro Frequencies”

In 2021, ARTECHOUSE debuted the multi-sensory exhibition “Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies”.

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Welcome To “Life of a Neuron”

Prepare for Life of a Neuron, an immersive and experiential

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5 Black Innovators You May Not Know About

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re highlighting five Black innovators who transformed the fields of art, technology, and science with groundbreaking inventions that would shape the way in which we navigate the world today.

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Artist Spotlight

All About New Media Artist Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol is a new media artist who uses unique data sets and machine learning to create stunning, immersive masterpieces that challenge our perception of space, time and narrative. From the facades of iconic buildings to digital “crypto” art, Anadol pushes the boundaries of where art can live and for whom it should exist.

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Infinite Space Pushes the Boundaries of Data Visualization

Refik Anadol’s stunning exhibition Infinite Space utilizes the process of data visualization in ways rarely seen before, turning diverse and unique data into immersive masterpieces before our very eyes.

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