Naked Eyes

Celebrating the science of light, this minimalist, evocative exhibition showcased light as a medium to be sculpted, contained, diffused, projected and reflected. Monochromatic displays and pulsing sounds blurred the lines between space, time and reality, and prompted visitors to slow down and fall into the experience. 

Representing the first U.S. solo exhibition for the world-renowned artist studio NONOTAK, the four installations of Naked Eyes presented light as both ephemeral and concrete. Using clean lines and geometric shapes to create hypnotic patterns that range from flowing and calm to powerful and heavy, the mesmerizing experience drew visitors in, encouraging them to see new possibilities for light as a medium and lose themselves in the work.

The exhibition was presented by ARTECHOUSE in partnership with the Optical Society (OSA), the American Physical Society (APS) and the American Institute of Physics (AIP) as a celebration of the UNESCO’s Inaugural International Day of Light, and in an effort to help connect visitors with the science behind the art. 

Baseline – Main Gallery
Visitors were invited to walk inside this site-specific installation to become fully immersed in the experience of light and the absence of light.

Ocean – Gallery One
Constructed to fit within the gallery, LED light strips created different shapes and visuals, drawing visitors further in with mesmerizing music and shifting lights.

Coma – Gallery Two
Coma used light and sound in a unique way. Robe heads moved and danced but did not emit light. Strobe lights lit the room, putting on a one-of-a-kind performance for visitors to enjoy.

Zero Point One – Media Lab
Using fiber optic cables no thicker than 0.1mm, NONOTAK created an immersive installation for visitors to sink into. NONOTAK choreographed the lights and sounds together to form a fully cohesive experience.

About the artist


NONOTAK, a collaboration between illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect musician Takami Nakamoto, is an internationally acclaimed Paris-based duo that merges architecture and sculpture to create minimalist, ethereal light and sound installations as well as performances. 

Their atmospheric, site-specific work immerses and captivates viewers in a way that goes beyond simple observation. Using custom built technology as well as conventional technology in unconventional ways, NONOTAK achieves astounding results in unifying space, sound and visual specificities to transcend physical perception. | @nonotakstudio