Lucid Motion

Examining human motion from various standpoints using next-level technologies and methods of expression, Lucid Motion engaged visitors through digital dance performances themed around human motion, lights and shades.

Informed by careful observation to discover and elucidate the essential potentialities inherent to the human body, data, programming, computers and more, globally-renowned Japanese artist group Rhizomatiks Research and founder Daito Manabe, presented their performance-driven art to probe the interrelationships and boundaries separating the analog and digital, real and virtual.

Main Gallery
The Main Gallery featured a dance performance themed on human motion, lights and shades that was experienced as an immersive installation. Although lights and shades have been a common subjects for dance, this installation presented them in a completely new visual world with perfectly-synchronized choreography and lighting.

Gallery One
Using interactive elements, the installation invited the audience to become a part of the movement and bring their own data that is used within the visual that moved with the audience in real time. The algorithm used to transfer different visual styles was inspired by classical paintings, each installation in gallery one and two features a different style.

Gallery Two
Containing four different interactive elements, gallery two featured stylized interactive installations where visitors could see themselves on the walls around them. Uniquely animated, visitors could actually see their likeness being portrayed in the artwork.

Media Lab
Containing multiple 2D and 3D objects that could be activated using an iPad to see Augmented Reality artwork. There are six 3D objects, three of which were 3D printed and three that are actual objects relating to the exhibit and the artist.

About the artist

Rhizomatiks & Daito Manabe

An interdisciplinary “digital Renaissance man,” Rhizomatiks co-founder Daito Manabe is an interactive designer, programmer and DJ who is known for his innovative approaches to data analysis, visualization and interactivity. This Tokyo-based media artist and creative technologist combines the human body with technology to create groundbreaking art experiences as well as production technologies for major international projects ranging from augmented reality videos for musicians to live interactive technology-driven performances for dancers.

With a passion for experimentation and research in art, Manabe launched Rhizomatiks in 2006. Since 2015, he has served alongside Motoi Ishibashi as co-director of Rhizomatiks Research, the firm’s division dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the realms of technical and artistic expression with a focus on R&D-intensive projects. Manabe also serves as a specially-appointed professor at Keio University SFC.

Manabe’s collaborative dance performances with choreographer MIKIKO and her dance group ELEVENPLAY have showcased a wide array of technologies including drones, robotics, machine learning and even volumetric projection to create 3D images in the air from a massive volume of rays. Additional data-driven performances have explored innovative applications of dance data and machine learning.