About the Show

Intangible Forms NYC

Dramatic, visceral, and operatic in nature, this kinetic laser performance and installation by Shohei Fujimoto invited visitors to exist in a space and time all its own. As society re-emerged into our familiar, yet forever changed surroundings, this audio-visual experience similarly took visitors on a journey into both the known and unknown. Through its minimalism and highlighting of patterns created by the repetitive, modular rhythms of the world around us, Japanese multi-media artist Shohei Fujimoto invited visitors to connect to their core humanity.

Set in a meditative soundscape inspired by the powerful quiet of Shinto shrines in the mountains of Japan, the centerpiece laser performance entranced visitors to see the intangible as tangible. “I’ve been trying to generate virtual consciousness and, in extension, virtual life in this work, triggering a deeper sense of humanity in ourselves,” shared Fujimoto. This central idea continued through a series of four more works throughout the space.

About the artist

Shohei Fujimoto

Shohei Fujimoto is a Japanese multi-media artist who explores perception and space through the minimal and precise use of controlled light from laser projectors.

Light, time, and autonomy are recurring motifs that travelled throughout Intangible Forms and coded operations serve as a building block for Fujimoto’s process of exploration. Often, he refers to code and the mathematical operations as the invisible markers that create form. Sculpting imagery not in a particular shape, but sculpting the mathematical operations behind the image to give shape. Both intricate and alluring, Fujimoto’s works are prime examples for a new way of drawing and creating visual artworks.

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