Everything in Existence

The first solo North American exhibition from the award-winning and internationally-recognized studio fuse* combined technological research and artistic vision, to create multimedia works that aimed to inspire, push limits, and connect light, space, sound, and movement.

Offering new perspectives from which to observe and consider our reality, Everything in Existence drew audiences into something larger than what we already know.  

The works are generated by a software that processes data in real time, whether that data is derived from interaction with the viewer (“Snowfall”), from social networks (“Amygdala”), from sound (“Clepsydra”) or from the software itself (“Multiverse”). Using this generative technique, fuse* creates “living” art that constantly renews itself and changes before one’s eyes, rewarding prolonged viewing and repeat visits from the spectator. 

“Everything in Existence is meant to bring people together in a new place with a new perception of reality, a different point of view and the feeling of being all part of something bigger, being part of everything that exists.” – Mattia Carretti, co-founder of fuse*

Multiverse – Main Gallery
This audiovisual installation explored the evolution of infinite possible universes through the use of generative graphics and sounds that exploited the theorization of the existence of the so-called multiverse: a system composed of an infinite number of universes that coexist parallel outside our space-time.

Clepsydra – Gallery One
This installation represented gravity, used in a clepsydra (water clock) to measure time while also acknowledging that we are still exploring the true nature of gravity. It was constructed to show four different phenomena inside two different parallel universes, also using sounds as a fourth dimension

Snowfall – Gallery Two
One of fuse*’s first installations, “Snowfall” captured the essence of visitors while they stood and contemplated the falling snow. “Snow Fall” has two audio channels, and whichever channel is dominant controls the direction the snow is falling. The volume of the audio affects the speed at which the snow falls as well.

Amygdala – Media Lab
This audiovisual installation represented the collective emotional state of the net and its changes on the basis of events that take place around the world by listening to shared thoughts, interpreting states of mind and translating the data gathered. The aim was to visualize the flow of data and information that are constantly being created by users, and that may be heard and interpreted by anyone.

About the artist


Founded in 2007 by Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, fuse* is a group of researchers and artists that work to imagine new modes of expression at the confluence of art, science, and technological research — creating new languages to reveal our human nature and unique experiences that give audiences a sense of common ground and participation. 

fuse* has always linked its activity and development to that of the community in which it operates, supporting, promoting and developing projects aimed at spreading culture and knowledge. For this purpose, since 2016 fuse* has been co-producing the electronic music and digital arts festival called NODE in Modena, IT.