Lucid Motion Explores the Human Body’s Every Move

“I’d like the audience to experience the natural beauty, depth and possibilities of bodily expression enabled by the new technologies used throughout these installations,” says Daito Manabe.

This was the inspiration behind the exhibit Lucid Motion, by artist Daito Manabe and the globally-renowned Japanese artist collective Rhizomatiks Research, which debuted at ARTECHOUSE DC in late September 2019. The show was created around the possibilities at the intersection of technology, body movement and human expression.It aimed to explore human motion from various standpoints using innovative technologies and methods of expression to create three unique points of view.Five different interactive pieces, an immersive perspective, and an augmented reality perspective explored these ideas in different ways, and showcased what the future of performance may look like with the help of innovative technologies.

The intricate show was filled with interesting tidbits of information that celebrated the connection between art, technology, and the human body. Here are five highlights:

  1. The five interactive installations were inspired by classic painters like Marcel Duchamp, who has served as an inspiration for many other artists working in cubism and abstract art, among other styles.

  2. The dancer showcased in the main gallery was created utilizing a motion capture of real dancer named Sara. Sara is part of the popular Japanese dance group ELEVENPLAY, which has collaborated with Rhizomatiks Research on a number of artistic projects in the past.

  3. Each example of a human form moving in this exhibit was created using motion capture taken in Japan of ELEVENPLAY dancers, marrying the physical and digital.

  4. The Media Lab/AR Perspective featured a number of objects that visitors could interact with using the artists’ augmented reality app, created specially for this exhibit. All of these objects were 3-D printed custom for Lucid Motion.

  5. Manabe is a “digital Renaissance man,” as he also works as an interaction designer, programmer, composer, and DJ. Manabe was featured during our September 2019 ARTECHOUSE Live, where he presented a stunning audiovisual performance.

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