Letter from the Founders

Dear ARTECHOUSE friends, followers and supporters,

Over these past five years we have dreamed big and worked hard to build a world-renowned, innovative art space fully dedicated to new forms of art, created through technology. Since we opened our doors in 2017, we have worked with dozens of artists, commissioning, curating and producing over 21 incredible exhibitions, installations and seasonal shows across three cities, engaging close to a million visitors. This programming was driven by our visitors’ support, and our passion to create remains inspired by your feedback and experiences. So, before anything else, we want to THANK YOU.

Without your interest in our innovative art, what we do would not matter. Art doesn’t exist without an audience. Your loyalty and patronage are what allows us to fund and empower artists, educate audiences, inspire future generations, and stay proudly independent — while never compromising our passion for what we do. We do not receive government funding, we do not have endowments and we do not have corporate backing, we’re an art space funded by YOU.

Today, much like many other small, independent businesses out there, we face tremendous uncertainty in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty that already shook our life, hearts and ARTECHOUSE family to its core as we closed down all three of our locations and sent over 100 staff members home without a set reopening date.

It is unprecedented to see everything that is happening today in our cities and the world, and temporarily suspending our program is possibly the best course of action for our team and visitors. However, to continue to deliver on our mission and promise we made to the public, we now turn to you for help.

If you have visited us in any of our locations across NYC, DC, and Miami, enjoy what we've been showcasing, and want to see us survive and thrive, we are asking for your support in this difficult time. Visit www.artechouse.com/support to join #SupportARTECHOUSE campaign and commit to your future visit.

We started with a THANK YOU, and allow us to end with a THANK YOU as well. We know, together, we will only rise stronger out of this.


Sandro and Tati | ARTECHOUSE Founders

(and all of ARTECHOUSE DC / NYC / MIAMI Staff)

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