Interact with Digital Art at Home with the Exploration of Blue

Want to get an ARTECHOUSE experience at home? Well now you can thanks to the Exploration of Blue, our new interactive application inspired by Submerge, ARTECHOUSE NYC’s February 2020 installation based on Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

"Submerge installation was more than an exploration of color, it was a truly meditative experience, exploring the psychological and emotional properties of the Classic Blue including its healing and calming effects. It was the peaceful escape our team agreed we could all use so much right now. So we decided not to wait and bring a piece of it into everyone's home," says Tati, co-founder of ARTECHOUSE.

With this new application we are inviting you to create your own blue universe from within your home. Furthering the concept of the installation, Exploration of Blue, is a fully interactive experience where movements picked up by the computer webcam cause ripples you can see in the field of particles. Hold the mouse (or finger) in one place to see the particles gather around it or turn this feature off depending on the design you want to create.

Examples of Exploration of Blue creations

It is also a complete audiovisual experience thanks to the music of Mexico-based producer and programmer Paperworks, Eduardo Montero, who also composed music for the Submerge installation. The Exploration of Blue is built with cables.gl, an online tool used for creating interactive visual web content. It is an example of a “visual programming language,” where one can connect modules together instead of only writing code.

Just as our installation encouraged serenity and stability, we hope that this application’s deep dive into Classic Blue creates feelings of both peacefulness and creativity -- letting you create your own beautiful piece of digital artwork at home. Give a try for yourself here!

User note: the application utilizes what is commonly known as a particle system and needs greater than normal computer and graphics processing power. Users might experience lagging or freezing if they do not have a gaming computer, and it is not suitable for mobile devices yet.

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