ARTECHOUSE’s Latest Cinematic Exhibition Submerges Audiences in NASA’s Scientific Discoveries & Galactical Data from James Webb Space Telescope

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“Beyond the Light,” developed by ARTECHOUSE Studio in collaboration with NASA, is a unique and original artistic expression of space exploration and innovation. Utilizing the latest technological tools, imaginative cinematic visuals, and an original music score, the exhibition submerges the audience in the timeless story of the light surrounding us.

NEW YORK, NY – ARTECHOUSE, a pioneer in innovative, experiential art and the leading contemporary art space dedicated exclusively to technology-based art, today announced Beyond the Light. Developed in collaboration with NASA, this visionary exhibition is a unique artistic expression of NASA’s scientific discoveries, including newly analyzed galactical data captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, that offers audiences the opportunity to explore the universe through the innovative use of technology-driven art. Beyond the Light will open to the public on June 1, 2023, at ARTECHOUSE NYC, before traveling to Washington, D.C., in the fall.

The exhibition leverages the latest audio-visual technology and bespoke software to reimagine NASA’s scientific processes and discoveries. Throughout its development, ARTECHOUSE Studio worked with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the James Webb Space Telescope Mission team at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), and Johns Hopkins University’s William H. Miller III Department of Physics & Astronomy. ARTECHOUSE participated in ongoing working sessions with NASA’s team of leading experts, including astrophysicists, heliophysicists and NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with NASA to bring the universe closer to our visitors,” said Sandro Kereselidze, ARTECHOUSE Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “This exhibition is a perfect example of the convergence of these worlds. Conceptualized through many collaborative sessions with NASA’s team of scientists and specialists, Beyond the Light takes groundbreaking science and data and brings it to life artistically in a way that’s never been done before.”

Beyond the Light is a new vision for experiencing the cosmos through the timeless story of light. ARTECHOUSE Studio delved into the vast database researched and produced by NASA to bring what is often invisible to our naked eyes into the highest resolution possible. Spotlighting James Webb Space Telescope’s perspective-bending discoveries of our early galaxies, the exhibition explores light as the throughline that connects history, science, engineering, technology, and the astonishing discoveries driving the evolution of human exploration.

Anchoring on a 25-minute cinematic journey through a captivating audio-visual interpretation of how we have experienced light over time, the exhibition is presented in today’s highest-resolution projection technology to deliver a feast for the senses. With the exquisite universe as its backdrop, Beyond the Light highlights the importance of light in our pursuit of knowledge and the evolution of technology that allows us to discover beyond our known experiences. Educational and interactive, the exhibition ignites imagination beyond what is visible and is suitable for all ages.

The title piece is accompanied by six supporting installations that explore the moon, heliophysics, climate science, the biosphere and NASA Spinoffs. Discover the impact that a Carrington Event would have on our society, discover Mars Rovers’ dreams created through AI, and learn the connection between NASA’s aerospace engineering developments and tools we use in our everyday lives. 

Beyond the Light is equal parts knowledge and imagination, aiming to create an audio-visual experience that bypasses verbalized storytelling, making a lasting impression at the visceral level,” said Riki Kim, ARTECHOUSE’s Executive Creative Director. “Our goal is to catalyze the audience’s imagination and inspire them with the possibilities of ‘the beyond.’”

Merging ARTECHOUSE’s unique genre-bending approach to expressing ideas and NASA’s extensive catalog of data and frontier-pushing discoveries, Beyond the Light continues the Studio’s work of creating a vital link between science and imagination, reinventing how audiences experience knowledge. The exhibition is the latest in a series of projects working with industry leaders such as the Society for Neuroscience, Pantone Color Institute, Nobel Prize Museum, and others for which ARTECHOUSE Studio has brought its expertise to realize complex and multifaceted presentations. 

The exhibition will premiere at ARTECHOUSE NYC, located in a 100-year-old boiler room beneath the iconic Chelsea Market at 439 W 15th Street in New York City.  The intimate digital art space utilizes the largest seamless megapixel count projections of any cultural institution and integrates Hyperreal Sound technology, offering visitors and artists alike the most technologically advanced and unique art platform in the world. 



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