Download Press Release — 2022 ARTECHOUSE Global Collaboration


New York, NYARTECHOUSE, a pioneer in the field of innovative digital and experiential art, proudly announces a new series of commissioned, technology-driven exhibitions co-presented with global collaborators and digital art creators.

As its first international project, ARTECHOUSE developed the concept, design and production for CIRCULEIGHT, a fully immersive, interactive audio-visual experience currently on view at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik. As part of an ongoing partnership, Harpa has created a dedicated space for ARTEHOUSE to continue to curate world-class experiences. CIRCULEIGHT pays homage to the with natural beauty of the “Land of Fire and Ice,” inspired by the recent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall Volcano and timed to the 10th anniversary of Harpa, an award-winning landmark where Icelandic music, art and culture are honored, celebrated and shared with millions. CIRCULEIGHT features interactive visuals corresponding to the eight elements—lava, basalt, glacier, water, flora, algae, microorganism and volcanic gas—and audiences are surrounded by a poignant score of original music by renowned Icelandic composer Högni Egilsson.  

Further extending its national footprint, ARTECHOUSE has joined forces with MGM Resorts to show Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in Las Vegas. A multi-sensory digital art exhibition with Afro-Surrealist visual artist Vince Fraser and poet Ursula Rucker, Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies celebrates the historical, social and cultural aspects of the Black Experience, brought to life in a new context. Designed around the Yoruban philosophy of aṣẹ (pronounced ah-shay), meaning ‘our power to exact change,’ the exhibition features work inspired by West African traditions, presented as symbols of Black culture and hope. 

At the end of January, ARTECHOUSE opened its second international installation, Intangible Forms at New City Gas in Montreal with local partner PRODUKT, one of Canada’s leading producers of experiential storytelling. Originally constructed in 1849, New City Gas was built to transform coal into gas to light up the streets and buildings of Montreal. More than 170 years later, the establishment has become an emblem of the Canadian cultural scene. To fill the breathtaking space of New City Gas with fluid motion, Japanese multi-media artist Shohei Fujimoto’s kinetic laser performance invites visitors to exist in a suspended time and space. Set in a meditative soundscape inspired by the powerful quiet of Shinto shrines in the mountains of Japan, the audio-visual exhibition explores a delicate balance between presence and absence through the ephemeral nature of light. 

ARTECHOUSE also just launched its 2022 season at Chelsea Market in New York City with the premiere of TRUST, in creative collaboration with acclaimed Italian studio fuse*. TRUST is an idiosyncratic data-driven, real-time immersive exhibition that explores the multiple meanings and implications of the concept of trust. The work is amplified by ARTECHOUSE’s unprecedented high-resolution projections, hyperreal sound technology and custom-made software. fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio working with emerging technology to push past accepted limits, spur empathy and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound and movement.

At its Washington, DC location, ARTECHOUSE recently debuted Transient: Impermanent Paintings by Italian multimedia artist Quayola. Featuring a series of audio-visual paintings in concert with generative algorithms, the exhibition employs technology as a means of exploring music for the 21st century listener and rethinking the traditional artistic techniques in the context of a human-machine relationship. To create this sound-eccentric installation, Quayola and ARTECHOUSE’s production team worked together over a three-year period to bring his work to life through hardware and software ecosystems available only at ARTECHOUSE.  

Sandro Kereselidze, ARTECHOUSE Founder & Chief Creative Officer, said, “We are thrilled to be sharing ARTECHOUSE’s progressive spirit and state-of-the-art approach to digital art programming with partners and visitors, nationally and internationally. Art is the most powerful way of creating community and inspiring the exchange of ideas and, during these challenging times, we place an even greater emphasis on the importance of connections across cities, countries and cultures.”  


Since its founding in 2017, ARTECHOUSE has collaborated with many of today’s most groundbreaking creators and producers working at the intersection of art, science and technology, including but not limited to, Pantone, Refik Anadol, Zach Lieberman, Rhizomatiks, NONOTAK and the Society for Neuroscience.



A pioneer in the field of innovative digital and experiential art, ARTECHOUSE expands the possibilities of art and how we experience it through innovative technology-driven exhibitions and experiences. ​​ARTECHOUSE connects progressive ideas, artists and audiences to stimulate innovation and creativity at the intersection of art, science and technology. What started as the nation’s first digital art space is now a home, online and off, for technology-driven art innovation, with a mission to empower and fund the creation of new, experiential and exploratory art forms that make an impact. \\ @artechouse \\ #artechouse