In solidarity with the anniversary of the March On Washington this Friday, Aug 28, experience Vince Fraser's Afrosurrealist art rise above Black Lives Matter Plazas and beyond in augmented reality through the ARTECHOUSE mobile app.

ARTECHOUSE, in partnership with Colada Shop, Maketto and Thamee, launches AR summer refreshments to-go program to complement their immersive ​HANAMI: Beyond The Blooms​ installation.

ANNOUNCING: ARTECHOUSE Miami Reopens Saturday, June 13 With New Safety Protocols

ARTECHOUSE Miami will bring back the Immersive Exhibition “Infinite Space” by Refik Anadol to South Florida with Adjusted Hours of Operation, New Safety Protocols and Special Offers on Admission to Encourage a Safe Experience.

ARTECHOUSE remains open to welcome visitors!

We value the safety of our visitors, staff and artists and we are taking additional precautions with enhanced sanitation measures throughout all of our locations to keep our visitors and staff safe.  We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other government health departments for updates regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

ANNOUNCING: Submerge, Immersive Installation Inspired by Pantone Color of the Year 2020

ARTECHOUSE NYC kicks off its 2020 season with an immersive installation inspired by Pantone Color of The Year 2020, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. Opening during New York Fashion Week and on view from February 5-23, 2020.

ANNOUNCING: ARTECHOUSE to Open New Location in New York City at Chelsea Market September 2019

ARTECHOUSE, nation's first innovative art space, is pleased to announce the opening of its first location in New York City in September 2019.. ARTECHOUSE commissioned Los Angeles-based, Turkish artist Refik Anadol to create an inaugural exhibition - Machine Hallucination, a groundbreaking and immersive digital data journey through the New York.

ANNOUNCING: New Nature by Marpi

ARTECHOUSE presents an exhibition that combines the use of A.I. and art within the imaginative and playful virtual menageries of Polish-born, San Francisco-based digital artist Marpi starting October 12th, 2018.

ANNOUNCING: Fractal Worlds by Julius Horsthuis

ARTECHOUSE is proud to present the first immersive art exhibition that bridges the gap between the real and virtual world. Join us on this “journey of discovery”, starting July 7th, 2018

Media Advisory: Press Preview - NAKED EYES Exhibition by Nonotak, Choreography of Light

Press Preview for NAKED EYES exhibition the first U.S. solo exhibition for the

world-renowned artist studio Nonotak and the inaugural celebration of International Day of Light, opening May 16, 2018 at ARTECHOUSE in Washington, DC.


Blurring the lines between the real and virtual, Naked Eyes, the latest immersive exhibition at ARTECHOUSE by a world-renowned artist studio NONOTAK, is the ultimate celebration of light.

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The New York Times: Artechouse Light’s Up Washington’s Museum Scene

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At Artechouse, art has “no limits and takes all forms,” Ms. Pastukhova said. “We wanted to create an environment where artists can push the limits and are inspired to create new artworks.” 

CNN: A futuristic exhibition in Washington from Turkish artists - Parallel Universe

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PBS News Hour: 360 ARTECHOUSE Kingdom of Colors

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Aretchouse's “Kingdom of Colors,” which opened Nov. 10, is a mesmerizing, undulating video montage of swirling color projected onto 27-foot walls. Two French artists filmed paint, soap and oil with a macro lens to create the piece, and the sumptuous result is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of.

Washingtonian: A New Psychedelic Exhibit, With Cocktails, Opens at Artechouse

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“Kingdom of Colors” Artechouse’s newest exhibit opening Friday night, may look familiar: Thomas Blanchard and Anton Oilhack, the artists behind the lava-lamp-like display, are also responsible for Apple’s commercials for the iPhone X, which feature vibrant hues swirling around the phone’s buttonless screen.

National Geographic: Spirit of Autumn

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Behold the mesmerizing, interactive new exhibit in Washington, D.C. that will have you feeling that fall spirit.

Washington Post: This art exhibition will have augmented reality cocktails that shift before your eyes

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When you look at Artechouse's cocktail menu through your phone, words and images might leap off the page and swirl around. The exhibition around you could be visible inside your drink. It might even look like someone else is taking a sip.

INSIDER ART: High Tech Art Exhibit

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Control time and space at this art exhibition.

BBC: Visually stunning art project invites you to play with light

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A digital art project in Washington, DC invites people to play with light, exploring how humans interact with technology.

CGTN America: Full Frame Close Up: Art 2.0

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Catering to patrons who have grown up with the Internet, more and more art galleries are turning to technology to lure in audiences while uncovering artists who are using digital technology to appeal to our senses.

Washington Post: ArTecHouse, a space for high-tech art, to open in early 2017

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This winter, two local arts programmers are opening a space devoted entirely to that -- with a high-tech twist. Art Soiree founders Sandro Kereselidze and Tatiana Pastukhova announced Thursday they will open ArTecHouse, a space for experiential art that focuses on technology, in early 2017.

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