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Sandro Kereselidze is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of ARTECHOUSE, an experiential, technology-driven art company dedicated to producing and presenting groundbreaking 21st century art experiences for 21st century audiences.

His vision of redefining the way art is experienced and creating a supportive ecosystem for the future of art today has set the company apart as a pioneer in the field of experiential artistic creation and presentation in the United States and the world. Under Sandro’s creative direction, ARTECHOUSE has grown to become the leading platform for some of the most prominent artists of today, such as Refik Anadol, Daito Manabe, fuse*, Zach Lieberman, NONOTAK, Adrien M. & Claire B. and many others.

In collaboration with these artists, and through the efforts of its own in-house production team, ARTECHOUSE has produced and created over 22 blockbuster exhibitions, 10 innovative live shows and 130 AR experiences, attracting over 1.1M visitors and captivating a global audience. These efforts have made headlines in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, National Geographic, CNN, the Washington Post and numerous other national and international publications.

ARTECHOUSE has also fostered meaningful partnerships with organizations like the Society for Neuroscience, Pantone Color Institute and the United Nations Foundation.What started out as the nation’s first innovative art destination is now a home, online and off, for technology-driven art. From physical, immersive art spaces in Washington D.C., New York and Miami to an extended reality mobile app, ARTECHOUSE connects progressive ideas, artists and audiences and stimulates interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science and creativity.

Prior to the opening of ARTECHOUSE, Sandro and co-founder Tati founded Art Soiree in 2009, an entrepreneurial concept that turned into a self-funded start-up business aiming to support local artists through multi-faceted experiential programming. For over nine years, they produced exhibitions, festivals, concerts and culturally-driven experiences for local audience in Washington, DC. After producing over 200 events per year, they quickly realized that they needed a space where they could expand and continue their experiential art programming. After years of searching, in 2015 they finally found a place to dedicate as a home for innovative art created through technology.

In 2017, they opened the doors to the first ARTECHOUSE location, where artists and audiences are invited to experiment with the unlimited possibilities of innovative art. Since then, ARTECHOUSE has opened physical locations in Miami Beach and New York City, and launched a mobile application, bringing the experience of art and technology to countless people around the world.Today, Sandro is on a mission to bring ARTECHOUSE to every city, and plans to announce at least 3 more new locations by the end of 2021.

“Every city has a destination for fine arts, theater, music, and film. Our goal is to be the home in those cities for an innovative, 21st-century art that is created at the intersection of art, science, and technology. A place where one can always get inspired, educated, and empowered by exploring the latest and the best works of art and tech.”

Sandro, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

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