We believe that working across disciplines and media is the best way to represent the complex world we live in. Art should evolve alongside science, culture and technology and offer new ways to inspire change for the future we all want to see.

At ARTECHOUSE, we use art to help people think about the world we are in and what it can become. Our initiatives and partnerships allow us to expand on these conversations across platforms to bring our mission to as many people as possible. Some of the highlights include:

PANTONE – Color of the Year

ARTECHOUSE partners with the Pantone Color Institute to bring their annual Color of the Year to life in unprecedented ways. For their Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue, we produced an immersive, multi-sensory launch event at ARTECHOUSE NYC and due to its success, transformed it into SUBMERGE, a public-facing installation that was a blockbuster success.

After re-emerging from the pandemic’s initial lockdown, we decided to bring Classic Blue and all that it represents to as many people as possible by transforming all three of our locations into distinct representations of the color.

For the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 reveal announcement, we again transformed ARTECHOUSE NYC into an immersive experience of the color, but instead of hosting an in-person event, we created a cinematic launch video for Pantone’s digital announce.

United Nations Foundation – Voice Our Future

What started out as plan for a physical, living monument and experience evolved, as a result of COVID’s impact on real-life engagements, into an an unprecedented, extended reality experience premiering on June 26th for UN Charter Day on the ARTECHOUSE app. Utilizing the evolution of technology to tell the story of human progress and inspired by the UN75’s The Future We All Want initiative, the two organizations invited audiences to reflect on the past, find their “voice” and be part of the dialogue the UN is facilitating for a refreshed vision of the future. 

Augmented Reality x Afrosurrealism x Activism

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, we partnered with Afrosurrealist artist Vince Fraser to bring his art to life in augmented reality. Through the ARTECHOUSE XR app, users activated virtual Black Lives Matter Plazas to engage with Fraser’s art.

National Cherry Blossom Festival & National Park Service

Since its inception, ARTECHOUSE has partnered with the National Cherry Blossom Festival for an annual cherry blossom-inspired installation in that celebrates springtime and women in the arts and tech. To bring the iconic spirit of cherry blossoms beyond the tidal basins ARTECHOUSE created AR cherry blossom trees and activations throughout the Washington D.C. cityscape allowing audiences to enjoy the thrills and beauty of a seasonal phenomenon beyond its limited organic time-span.

The Optical Society of America – International Day of Light

ARTECHOUSE commissioned and produced an exhibition celebrating UNESCO’s Inaugural International Day of Light featuring the work of Japanese digital pioneers, NONOTAK. The exhibition was presented in partnership with the Optical Society (OSA) in an effort to help connect the science behind the art to new audiences. Visitors, stepping into an immersive world of light, explored the innovative uses and the science behind the mediums and technology used. Expanding the engagement beyond our physical spaces, the IDL logo was animated and activated through the ARTECHOUSE app.

By The People Festival

In partnership with the an international arts and dialogue festival, ARTECHOUSE hosted a national call for artists, and worked with selected creatives of various disciplines to curate and produce dramatic AR art installations throughout the city, amplifying the festival’s themes of life, love and the pursuit of happiness.