ARTECHOUR Live this Week – Miami Art Week Edition

artechour miami art week 2020

To celebrate Miami Art Week 2020, we’re hosting a special edition of our ARTECHOUR Instagram Live series that will focus on our creative collaborations within the local Miami community.

For three days in a row – Dec 2, 3 and 4 at 5pm EST – we’ll host a live conversation on our @ARTECHOUSE Instagram account with a different Miami-based artist that we’ve worked with at ARTECHOUSE Miami.

Wed Dec 2 @ 5pm EST – Haiiileen

Aileen Quintana, also known by her artist name Haiiileen, is an interdisciplinary Cuban-American artist native to Miami. Haiiileen channels her synesthesia, a rare sensory condition which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery, into her bold, boundary-pushing work that spans visual art, performance, design and more.

artechouse miami site specific art installation
Haiiileen in her piece “Agua Haii” | ARTECHOUSE Miami

She often uses light as a medium, this time combining Classic Blue with her own abstract interpretation of sparkling light reflected on the ocean. Haiiileen strives to understand light as a language, producing work based on light science and finding inspiration in how much she can draw out of this basic element.

For her piece “Agua Haiii” in Aqueous, Haiiileen has created what she describes as a “blue iridescent reality” for visitors to explore, with domes offering a glimpse into another world and rich textures representing waves. @Haiiileen

Thu Dec 3 @ 5pm EST – Alvin Surreal

Born and raised in Miami, Alvin Hernandez began creating at an early age after gaining inspiration from 90s cartoons. His current work is informed by surrealism, leading to fun, spontaneous paintings that Hernandez refers to as “painted poems,” or illustrations of inner feelings and thoughts.

alvin surreal miami local artist muralist
Alvin Surreal creating his mural “Submerged Dream” | ARTECHOUSE Miami

The immersive mural piece created for Aqueous combines his usual style with the energy and flow of deep blue waves. Visitors are transported to a surreal dream interpretation of Classic Blue and its strong ties to water. @AlvinSurreal

Fri Dec 4 @ 5pm EST – Lola Blu

Lola Blu is best known for merging the worlds of contemporary art and music by bringing to life unconventional canvases that grace some of the most well known stages across the globe.

lola blu miami artist
Artist Lola Blu positioned with her trademark illustration style

Self taught artist and drummer, Lola started her pop culture journey in the commercial world which equipped her with the visual vocabulary of mass culture that now translates into her very distinctive and easily recognizable style. Lola brought this distinctive style to the walls of ARTECHOUSE Miami. @Lola_Blu

Celebrate Miami Art Week With ARTECHOUSE!

Whether learning from Haiiileen about her experience visualizing sound or from Alvin Surreal about letting go to let art flow, we hope this series will leave you inspired! See you on @ARTECHOUSE!

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