"Every city has a destination for fine arts, theater, music, and film. Our goal is to be the home in those cities for an innovative, 21st-century art that is created at the intersection of art, science, and technology. A place where one can always get inspired, educated, and empowered by exploring the latest and the best works of art and tech, " Sandro, founder and art director.

At the crossroads of art, science and technology, ARTECHOUSE brings true 21st century art experience as the first innovative platform for experiential, genre-bending, one-of-a-kind multimedia art exhibitions and explorations.  


Founded in 2015 by arts advocates Sandro and Tati, ARTECHOUSE is a new age art destination dedicated to showcasing works by groundbreaking artists who work with new technology and new forms of creative expression. 


In 2017 we opened our first permanent home in Washington, DC, in 2018, we brought ARTECHOUSE to Miami Beach, FL and to New York City, NY in 2019 .




INSPIRE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER the creation of new, experiential, and exploratory art forms.


Connect audiences of all ages to the arts and stimulate interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science and creativity. 


We believe that working across disciplines and media is the best way to represent the complex world we live in. Art should evolve alongside science, culture and technology and offer new visions and new forms that are reflective of our times. 


We believe that art should be for everyone and strive to create a welcoming, inclusive environment that helps visitors discover and appreciate new art forms. Our exhibition programming is designed to appeal to all ages and our expert Visitor Experience team is always on-hand to answer questions or help visitors engage with the work. Many of our experiences are participatory and immersive, inviting visitors to become a part of the art. 


At ARTECHOUSE we showcase some of the best digital artists from all over the world. We are also an incubator and launchpad for emerging young talents. We work hand-in-hand with the artists to develop new commissions and re-imagine ambitious presentations of previous work. 

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